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I’m a big believer in using information to help transform fear into understanding.

And when it comes down to it, every person who is fighting against inclusion policies for LGBTQ students in Austin schools is basing their arguments on fear.

  • Fear based in their own ignorance about what it means to be LGBTQ.
  • Fear from the misconception that LGBTQ rights and equality will somehow cause their children to become LGBTQ.
  • Fear that they can’t explain LGBTQ topics to their kids without getting into nitty-gritty sex details. (FYI – My children have been to many hetero-weddings where we never had to have a discussion about the sex lives of the couple getting married.)

We have the opportunity to raise a generation of kids who will never even think twice about whether their LGBTQ friends are “normal” or “different” simply because they’ve never been taught to see them differently.

That’s why it’s more important than ever that schools embrace LGBTQ inclusion policies and that we help inform the parents who are fighting these policies so they can get past their fears and begin to understand.

One of the best ways to help people understand is through personal stories, and I’m hopeful that you will be willing to share your story here so we can begin to build that bridge from fear to understanding.

  • The story of how the love an acceptance of someone in your life helped you embrace being LGBTQ.
  • The story of how living in an unwelcoming environment meant you had to hide your true self.
  • The story of how inclusive policies at your school impacted your self-esteem and ability to succeed.
  • The story of how an unwelcoming school affected your self-esteem and ability to succeed.
  • The story of growing up with an LGBTQ parent(s).
  • The story of having a friend, relative or teacher who is LGBTQ.
  • The story of how your school’s sex-ed curriculum either included or excluded topics that addressed your questions and needs.
  • The story of meeting your first crush, true love, partner or spouse.

It can be short or long. Funny or serious. Young or old. Every story is important. YOUR story is important and I would be honored to help you share it here. You can do it completely anonymously or un-anonymously (I know that’s not a word.)  🙂 Just be sure to let me know your preference.  Also please note if you are in the Austin Independent School District and would be willing to let me read excerpts from your story at school board meetings, etc.

Email your story to

I look forward to hearing from you and look forward to building understanding in our community.

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