Action Items for Advocates & Allies

There’s so much information around the October 28th Sex Ed Board meeting that we wanted to make sure there was a handy place for everything you need to know. Voila!

Read it – Ask Questions – Share it and SHOW UP to our Information Session on October 24th and of course, the Board Meeting on October 28th!

First: Join us at Informed Parents of Austin’s Private Facebook Group and follow our Public Page for continuous updates.


  • On October 28th, the Austin ISD Board of Trustees will vote on the proposed comprehensive, LGBTQIA+ inclusive human sexuality and responsibility LESSONS (aka: sex ed lessons.) You can see them all here!
  • The board already unanimously, and enthusiastically, approved the SCOPE & SEQUENCE of the sex ed curriculum in February. The scope and sequence is basically a detailed “table of contents” of the topics that the lessons will cover.
  • The “Texas Values” crowd has been showing up at the past several board meetings and using the public comment period for hate speech about how this curriculum “indoctrinates children into the LGBTQIA+ lifestyle”, “normalizes” LGBTQIA+ students and undermines the family values the parents share at home. It’s gross. It’s infuriating. It’s sad.


Our goal on Oct 28th: To show up as a huge group of love, support and safety for the LGBTQIA+ students, family and staff who are speaking or in attendance.


  • Attend our Sex Ed in Texas Information Session on Thursday October 24th. We’ll have tips on how to attend a board meeting, how to help make sure the lessons roll out smoothly and how to make sure that the State Board of Education’s new sex ed rules don’t squash all the work we’ve done in Austin ISD, plus give you simple action items you can start doing TODAY. We’ll have representatives from Texas Freedom Network, ACLU, HRC, TENT, and other amazing advocacy groups. Meeting is at Metropolitan Community Church, October 24th, 6:30-8:00. Click through for more information and to RSVP.
  • Attend the Board meeting on Monday October 28th. You need to sign up to speak and all the rules are on the AISD Site. (We’ll give detailed info about these rules and the process and literally walk you through every single step at the info session on the 24th.) If you want to attend as a supporter, wear pride-wear and find us for stickers, flags, posters and more. We also have a few CTXGSA shirts (shown in first photo) left for purchase for $20 at the board meeting or information event. We’ll also have some GSA Pride shirts available for a suggested donation of $10. (Shown in second photo.) All money for both goes to OutYouth’s support of the Central Texas GSA Coalition.
CTXGSA SHIRT – $20 – Click image to order or donate / Limited Sizes available.
Limited quantities of GSA Pride shirts will also be available for a suggested donation to Central Texas GSA Coalition of $10, (or free for students.)
  • Follow Texas Freedom Network’s coverage of the State Board of Education’s sex ed revisions that are in the works NOW and will impact every student and family in Texas.
  • Email and saying that you support the new LESSONS, which you can view at – It’s most powerful if you can pinpoint a favorite LESSON. (The new board meeting rule is that your 1 minute testimony has to pertain to the agenda item, which will be the lessons….We’ll share all the rules at the October 24th meeting, so PLEASE ATTEND.) Remember, the board members have been very supportive of comprehensive sex ed so please use this as an opportunity to thank them for their support thus far.
  • Amplify the awesome lessons online by using this handy form to share your favorite lesson on social media.

If you need some handy research tidbits and evidence to show that Austin ISD parents are 94%+ in support of comprehensive, inclusive sex ed, please review this recap document. You can also visit past posts like this one or reference this handy recap sheet.

The new AISD sex ed curriculum will seriously save lives and you can be a part of it. Please join us and Get Informed & Get Involved.

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